Dear Christie 

Dear Christie 

I was looking at pictures of you today… when you were young you would always say

Look at me! Look at this! See those there?! What’s the word!?

Well, you didn’t say that. Not exactly but you were always curious, and excited, I’d say. 

You asked questions about God. About life and the world. You saw people as art, you were a beautiful girl. 

You loved ponies and drama and playing the roles. 

As a princess in China riding with Wildfire, your horse. 

She rode wildfires alright

She rode right over a cliff

To her death at the bottom of the canyon in Buhl 

You told Regina that story on the way to school

From your house down on broadway

Trekking behind houses and yards

Past the pool and the army tank

Through Eastman park

The school is now Popplewell

Named for the grandpa who served

A veteran in discipline 

That spank was deserved

Who was it that went with you 

That first time you skipped?

It was kindergarten at drop off

The three of you whipped

It’s was Kuffy and Monique

Yes I’m sure that was it

From Peach Tree they dropped you

And you decided to flee

Who goes there? Who cares? 

They won’t mind if we play! 

Let’s go to the park and have a fun filled play day! 

I’m remember you, Christie 

That wild little girl

You don’t follow the rules

That wild hair don’t curl

I’m glad you have found yourself. You’re beautiful and wise

I see the pain you’ve suffered

When I look in your eyes

I understand why you are afraid 

Why you’ve been screaming such rage

You were treated harshly. I can see it today. I’ve seen all your bruises. Your story is the same. It’s never been real clear to me, until I saw you today. I saw your beautiful brown eyes. And the shape of your face. I saw your lips moving. I saw so much grace. You care so much for everyone. You’ve never seen yourself. Do you know how much people envy you? Just for being yourself? I’m really glad I know you. You’re one of a kind. If someone else can’t see that in you, they are totally blind. 

You’re creative and intelligent 

You’re thoughtful and kind

You’re service to others

To the demise of your mind

But that’s ok you’ve got it back

You’ve figured it out

You faced your demons squarely

You’ve taken your life back

I’m proud of you for doing so

Your name is defined 

I’m glad I’m in your tribe of friends

I’ll never doubt your mind

I’ll always have your back



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