Pay Attention 

Pleasing Serving Raising Unnerving  Suppressing  Over giving  Slaving Isn’t living If you feel worthless Unless you’re serving someone  Then those someones Will never be satisfied  Craving  Attention Needing Nursing All your energy Draining Running Given to everyone else  Instead of filling up yourself When you’re depleted  It makes you mad You try too hard  To

Total Recall

One year ago and  Five years before The pain began and felt like the end I suffered so much I feared for my life Until I came to the realization  It was time to cut off the parasite 12/30/15… Good morning! I try not to complain too much, but let me share my reality..waking up


Don’t speak Don’t speak about the darkness Don’t look within the shadows Don’t speak about the negativity We need this dark to keep you slow The truth is different than you believe We’ve made it that way with all you see We tell you fear is big and bad Scary and unconquerable We tell you

To My JW Friends

Dear friends,  I understand why you’re not talking to me. I admit that when I first awakened, I was very angry. I was angry at Jehovah and the Watchtower organization for the pain and slavery I had been feeling. I vocalized my anger and drove my friends away. I’m sorry for that. I love my

High on Love

I’m pretty sure  I haven’t felt  This much love Since I was 8 years old When Susan’s Forest ranger friends Came to our house on Broadway And had cake with me for my eighth birthday I remember how I felt I remember that high vibration It had me bouncing off the walls and going crazy


Gone is the house Gone is the car Gone are the dog and the cat The family I built no longer exists  I never would have imagined that What took 21 years to build  With love, care and skill Was gone in a flash of bright light  Before I could see the truth about this


Do as you’re told That’s what we’re sold From the moment we start to say no They want to control us From the cradle to the grave and We don’t hesitate  When we’re small and afraid We trust them to know what is best Trouble is  They don’t know for sure They’re all under control 

Doing Cartwheels 

Five years ago today I was in the best shape of my life Showing off Doing cartwheels  Totally unaware In two weeks I get a scare Back pain like never before Brought to push me out the door To wake me up to my reality And force me to choose the truth I’m grateful for

The Heart of the House

You are the original template You are the original exemplary How seen were you in actuality? How revered were you (honestly) at the time? You are driven in life by the search for meaning and have a passion for culture and religion.  You are a deeply spiritual person who thrives in an environment where people

Red Sea

I stand before a Red Sea  I’m not afraid of the Egyptians pursuing me I stand with my back against the sea, with all my anger and grief from the past inside me It has not broken me It has made me wiser stronger and into a force to be reckoned with I stand my