Town Crier

Thank you for reading the things that I write

Thank you for hearing my voice

The things that I say are hard to swallow sometimes 

I know 

I’ve swallowed them whole

I’ve tried to keep them down 

For years and years and years

But now I cannot hold them in anymore 

I vomit them out

These words scream and shout

The truth that can’t be contained

Like acid they burn 

These super harsh words

At the pit of my stomach and deeper

My soul has contained

These words in my throat

Silent I can no longer remain 

I’ve been given my freedom of speech

Permission to preach and to cry

The truth must be told

Town criers must be bold

The fear out there is growing bigger

My mission to be a beacon

A light of hope for the seekers

The way out of madness I must show

I’ve been there before

I know all about that whore

That harlot that rides on the beast

I’ve fought her and conquered her demons 

It wasn’t that bad 

I’m out now so the hard part is over

It’s your turn to run

I’ll hold your hand, hun

And the flashlight to light up the road

I’m here to support 

I’m here to hold hope

You can get out like I did

Just go

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