Revelation is Coming

In this time of the end

It’s time to ascend

To raise up our vibration for a higher perspective

Armageddon is here 

But it’s not what you think

It’s the destruction of those who have forced us to fear it

They hoped it might go another way

Those elite that raise themselves up above others

There’s no good and bad 

There’s just experience to be had

We all wanted to understand separateness 

We wanted the contrast

A contract of debt

To see what it is like to be dark or seek light 

Now we’ve come to the revelation 

It’s time to see just what that means

The deception is rising to the surface

The pain you will face is nauseating 

You will feel extreme disgust

You’ve been betrayed

You’ll feel loathing and fear and repugnance 

When you realize who the devil really is and who god is and Jesus 

You’ll be sickened at the blood you have fed them

A debt that was never valid 

You gave your life believing they’d save you

Now it’s time to reveal who’s behind them

It’s time to take the mask off of death

To see the truth and renew

Your self love will save you

It’s not mercy from god anymore

It’s you

Your grace is what those gods will need, it’s true

Forgiveness is what we must all do

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