I owe you nothing

You owe me nothing

We are even Steven

There are no mistakes

No debts to be paid

What’s done is done

Let’s just leave it

From a higher perspective 

We agreed to do this

We agreed beforehand to create this experience 

We would both be to blame if blame was to be had

But there is no such blame, either

From a higher perspective we agreed to do this

We agreed to co-create this existence 

Before we came here

Before we were born 

In this lifetime 

Or before many others

You wanted to learn forgiveness

I agreed to give you a reason

So we both have made sacrifices of sorts

It’s time to reveal the truth of our life

It’s time to let go of ideas

You don’t owe me anything

And I don’t owe you

What we have done is a service to all

The collective experience gains from our ability to complete our mission in this lifetime

Our mission to wake up and realize the truth and forgive

The fear and chaos is just a nightmare 

Created by illusions we can simply release 

We can realize how much we manifest 

Let’s forgive now and start making some greatness 

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