Healing Looks Like…

Healing looks like…

Not being afraid to leave the house and 

Not being afraid that someone wants to hurt me

Healing looks like

Not being afraid my legs will give up and 

Not being afraid I’m doing something wrong 

Healing looks like

Being ok if someone is having a bad day and

Not being afraid they’re going to punish me in some way

Healing looks like

Being ok with you not wanting me and

Not abandoning myself for being afraid of being unwanted 

Healing looks like 

Being ok if I have to be sick and

Not being afraid you will punish me for it

Healing looks like 

Not using anger as a defense mechanism and 

Allowing for all the other emotions to flow freely

Healing looks like 

Being ok with whatever happens around me and

Knowing I am safe at all times

Healing looks like loving myself

And letting go of expecting others to be something different 

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