Everyone has guides

Guiding hands for you 

Strength, protection and guidance

Mindfulness enables one

To learn discernment 

From the thoughts of others

And your own

Inner thoughts 

Outer thoughts

Personal energy patterns

Thought perception based on discernment

So much chaos bombards us every day

All the time

Chaotic thought patterns that have persisted for thousands of years 

Judgements and criticism of the self

And others

Inhibiting our ability to manifest positively 

We must now ward off the influence of the toxic thoughts that pollute the earth 

We must begin to think healing thoughts

We must make an effort to feel love

Mental images and frequency resonates up and down

Expansion and wisdom come from understanding

Where the confusion is coming from

Clarity comes when you extract yourself from the influence of chaos 

We are ready to think and feel in a way of compassion

The level of conscious awareness begins with you

The collective consciousness is ripe for change

Greed and lack resulting in turmoil

We are reaping what we have sewn

A lack of love and empathy 

There is no polarity

Everything is one

One substance 

One love

Be guided by love for that is where the world is going

There are beings here to help us 

They want to raise us up

We must seek peace and pursue it

We must seek to be guided by love

Call them angels, god or masters

Prophets of old inspired

They’re here 

They’re with us always

To raise awareness is their goal

You can hear them if you listen 

With faith and love and light 

There is guidance all around us 

Guiding always to the right

It’s your path 

It’s your choice

Going up or going down 

Your guides are here to help you hear

How to turn the world around



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