Everyone has them

Those thoughts that make you feel bad 

Those voices that tell you to fear

Evil vs Good

Goosebumps on your arms

Tingles on your scalp

Shivers that run down your spine

Make your hair stand on end

Thoughts and nothing more

Resonation of truth

Trying to get through

Demons are thoughts of what we believe 

Teachings we have been following or not

Thoughts born into form

Becoming an entity in themselves

Thoughts reinforced by the collective consciousness 

Attached to us

Attached to ideas

Created to control our environment 

To make sure we have a direction

A guiding hand for good or bad

Thoughts have been demonized 

Attributed to an evil ruler underground 

Thanks to religion

They’re created fears and thought patterns

Upheld for so long they have taken on a life of their own

The only way to escape the demons

Is to face them and disagree with them

Constructed thoughts and nothing more

Waiting to be opened and healed

Demons are not real

But YOU are

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