a total desertion of or departure from one’s religion, principles, party, or cause

They make it sound like such a bad thing

That you should be shunned if you expand your horizons, change and move on

But that’s what thinking beings do

We grow

We expand

To think that you must stay the same and believe the same forever and ever

Is called stagnation 

It’s called being stuck

Closed minded


I’m not saying that institutions don’t serve a purpose, for they certainly do

But to try to maintain a course of rigid belief, well, 

That, I believe is what drives people to insanity

Trying to control, having strong opinions, imposing them on others as if them believing makes you feel better about believing

The problem I have though, is that those who do broaden their horizons, 

Are subsequently shunned by those that do not

Intelligent people

Enslaved to their gods/thoughts/belief systems

And it’s families who suffer

An emotional rift 

All because of choosing an illusion over reality


A condition created solely by mind control and restrictions 


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