American Woman

Now woman

Don’t stay away

American woman

Listen to what I say 

I feel it all 


It’s all over 

The fear

The jealousy 

I’m telling you

You have quite a range

You have quite a voice

You can let it out

The only threat you face

Is your own fear

Fear of your power

Reflecting the feminine 

Your feminine side 

Has more power than you know

I feel it 

The beauty you long to possess

You envy in women who reflect it 

There is no need to take it away from me 

What I reflect in you 

Is simple 

The pain you inflict is stronger than you know

I know it

It’s strong 

And feels real but it’s not

None of what they have built is real

It’s all falling down 

All around us

And it’s time to do things differently 

Not to run away

But to face the truth 

Of the past present and future

Nothing can change the truth about fear

Only you letting it go

Letting it become a part of the past

You can let it go 

Point the finger where it belongs 

Let your beauty and femininity shine

Shine that shit all over town

Radiate your glory

Don’t be ashamed 

You were born this way

Your spirit can’t be tamed

Everybody’s talking 

When we should all just be smiling

Let your light shine, women

Calling all women everywhere 





Shine the beauty you’re hiding inside

Let the divine light shine bright 

Let it shine, let it shine

Don’t hide it

Don’t let them steal it

Squash it or put it out

Embrace your beauty 

Let the world look on in wonder

You are a wonder 

Wonder women everywhere 

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