To transmute means 

to change from one nature, substance, form, or condition into another

To transform

to shift, to change

To change the dark into light 

To turn the anger and hate into love

Even if they never acknowledge 

Even if I am never validated 

I must love and accept the experience

It takes some time to wrap my mind around what that really means

If I had never suffered

I might not have such compassion 

If I hadn’t been mistreated 

I might not know kindness 

If I didn’t know disdain

I might not know love

If I didn’t understand abandonment 

I might not understand loyalty

If I didn’t know madness

I might not recognize Sanity

If I didn’t experience such suffering

I might never comprehend healing and the need for patience

I’m taking a good look at the journey behind me

Accepting it as it was

And I will transmute all of those shadows 

Into my own warm light

Creating a new life based on preference

Leaving powerlessness behind

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