To Believe

To believe, by definition, is to have confidence in the truth

the existence

or the reliability of something

 although without absolute proof 

that one is right in doing so

Beliefs are built on ideas

Passed on from parent to child

Long ago someone decided that they wanted to experience duality


So they created god and the distinction between good and bad

And they pushed the idea 

And instilled fear in the people

And forced them into control

Now the beliefs have taken on

A life of their own

People live and die based on their beliefs

Narrow vision

Narrow mind

When you look up at the stars 

And back away from the telescope 

Looking at the big picture you’ll find

Beliefs are just a choice

You can choose not to believe anything at all

And you would be fine

The only truth there is

When you get down to the bottom

At the source

There is only one

All is one

One is all

Everything else 

Is just a belief 

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