In Justice 

In the Justice family

There is no justice 

Not one of my family members are free from the Justice curse

It goes all the way back to Benjamin

His narcissistic 


Controlling behavior 

Killed his wife Carrie at the very end

Nearly 70 years old and she couldn’t take it anymore

Out the window she jumped to her death

How bad does it have to be to take your life when it’s almost over

Four generations later and here I am

I look at my family 

Pity and sorrow replace the anger

Even the most functional members who appear to be well rounded 

Really aren’t

Being insecure 




I’m out now, I have escaped

I finally ran away and I will break the curse

I’ve raised my children 

Unfortunately I did the same damage

Done by my father 

And his father before him

But at least now they have a choice

They can look at me and see

To set boundaries and say no to pain

Isn’t easy but it’s possible

I deserve love and so do they

All of us do

So while I am slowly forgiving them for the way they’ve tolerated and perpetuated abuse

Among themselves and everyone around them

I pity my family and send them love and healing

They may never see that the way they treat each other 

The way they talk to each other

Isn’t loving at all

I’m forging a new path

I’m taking a stand on my own behalf

I deserve more love than I got

And if I have to leave them all behind to pursue it

So be it

I’m taking my name

I earned it 

I own it

I live it

Perhaps that’s the only reason I was even born into the Justice family

So I could take the name

Since I’ve never felt I belonged

I was far too loving and kind to fit into their mold of sarcasm and cruelty

So I thank you for the experience 

I thank you for the contrast 

I’ll take the name and be on my way

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