You have no idea the hell I’ve been through

I had no idea until I came out

It’s really easy to write us off and call us mentally ill

We are victims of abuse

The real story is if you have been hurt so bad, your only option for figuring out that people will treat you differently 

Is to find people who will treat you differently

If people had known it was happening at the time

If they hadn’t missed every red flag

Their reality of my life 

And my reality of my life 

Is totally different 

There can be no reconciliation of their perspective of my childhood, carried into adulthood 

Their perspective and my perspective

I could forgive them if they acknowledged now, what took place 

But they are unwilling to accept what happened to me

They are unwilling to own up to it

I was not prepared for people to discount what I say about what I experienced 

They say I was just imagining the way I was treated

A new level of pain

They won’t admit 

They weren’t aware

Right under their nose

People only question memory 

When they don’t want to believe 

the reality of it

Me saying it didn’t happen 

Is me lying to myself 

And you

If it didn’t happen how do you explain the post trauma

If trauma never happened 

Justice comes from finding your way out 

And finding a way to forgive


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