Self Love

Everything around you

Is a reflection of your perspective 

Everything in your life

Reflecting what you believe about yourself

You are your most precious friend

You need your own attention

You need your own love more than anyone else 

You need your own acceptance and approval

Not to focus on your mistakes and shortcomings 


To make your dreams come true

To manifest your heart’s desires

You must make yourself your number one priority 

You must fill your head with affirmations

You have been hoping and waiting for your parents and friends and lovers to do this for you 

They just can’t 

It must come from within

As hard as that is

If you’ve never been treated kindly before

If you’ve always been abused it’s hard

Very hard

To love yourself the way you need to be loved

You deserve to be loved

You are worthy

You are deserving

You are loveable

Although it may not feel like it

You may not have been treated as such

But you have to beli be that you are

So you can choose people who treat you like you need

If you don’t believe it

You will reflect it

You are a work in progress

You didn’t come here to live a perfect life as a perfect person

Only you can have your perspective 

Only you can fulfill the role you came here to play

You are worthy

You are loved

You are not what loves you

You are what you love

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