Hiding you 

Hiding me

Nakedness for all to see

What we hide 

Isn’t hidden

It manifests in the world around us

The intent we put out

Is what we get back

You can’t hide

From the darkness inside

It shows up in

Our dealings and relationships 

We say one thing

And feel another

And now the lies

Are all confused

We all want love

But we hate ourselves

Why is that?

Someone has told you 

That your truth is wrong

They said no

Instead of mirroring us

We wanted to dance 

They said it was wrong

We wanted to sing

They shut us down

So we learned that being ourselves

Was painful and unsafe

Then we tried to conform

To fit in their box

And it pissed us off

Made us mad

We are in their box and they’re rattling it

Beating on our box that they forced us into

We keep looking for someone to let us out

But those who are to save us

Are the ones who are beating us

So eventually we must learn

To stop being beaten

We must get out of the box 

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