So many words

So little content

Why is it that we do what we do

Do we feel so insecure 

That we must be belligerent or 

Did someone say that we were inadequate once

Or twice

And we felt like we were bad or wrong

So now when someone else lives the truth within them

We resent it

Want to kill it

Hate it and throw rocks at it

Because it reminds us that we are not

We all have a life to live

We all have a path to choose

We can choose to hate and spew

And point and spit

We can do that all day long 

And get more of the same shit


We can choose to let it go

Detach yourself from your feelings 

We can go on 

Move away and focus on our own creation

Make our own reality something we want to be in

It’s really up to us

Why stay and irritate

Those with whom you don’t resonate 

Just leave

Just go

Move on 

Let it flow

When you focus on yourself and being authentic

Those who choose not to do the same

Will vanish from your life

Send them away in peace

You are free 

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