No blood 

No blood needs to be shed

To transfer poetry to my soul 

No blood needs to be shed

To be informed

The peace is the key to healing 

The peace is coming out 

One on one





Through dreams

The history is war

The history is timed

The blood is so precious 

It needs not be shed

Let’s love

Let’s ascend

This is the time to decide

Can we pursue peace

Or go out with the tide

No blood

No blood

No war

No more pain

Please put a bandaid

Where I have ripped out my brain

The heart is the place

Where love does come from

The heart is not a traitor 

The brain has been taught 

To shut down the heart

And silence the pain

Laughed at and ridiculed 

That mentally ill brain

So sick

Some attention

Should have been paid

No blood no more blood

The pain is the same

No matter who inflicts pain 

No matter who retaliated 

All of it hurts the same

Let it go

Let’s forgive

No attachments 

No shame

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