Dreaming of Z

Last night I had a dream

I thought I saw Z looking at me

She squinted her eyes and put up a wall

Rejected I thought

You don’t belong

It didn’t make sense

She loves me

I know

What have I done wrong

Oh wait

I know

Then later I listen to Goode 

In you tube

Tell of disclosure

Of Avians

Of entities


And cleansing

And letting go

Just watching

The colors turn and flow

Behind my eyes during meditation

I need to release the attachments 

I have to the past

Come with me

Or stay stuck

I’m moving up

The levels I am about to change 

Blow my mind

It seems so strange

I’ve been following orders

A soldier who is being called

I’ve agreed to do this

My principle is clear

This process could not have be staged

The transfer is ready to be made

I need to stay safe

The alliance has my back

The trump card is playing along

The baggage is being dropped off 

The tower is in play

The alliance is here

In an amazing way

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