Building Blocks

I’m creating a new life

I’ve completely destroyed the old

The old life is gone but certainly not forgotten

A lesson in what not to do

I’m setting up boundaries

The list is exclusive 

No more being what others want me to be

No more agreeing when I really don’t want to

I will say how I feel

I will protect myself

I will pursue what excites me

I will seek out those who share my values

I will support me first

And I will honor every feeling as valid and true

Gone are the days of trying to fit

To contort into someone that I can never be

I’m not afraid to be abandoned

I’m not afraid to stick to my values

Even if it means we have to part ways

I’m never going to suppress how I feel

Just to get along

Or keep someone in my life

If people don’t like the way my emotions are 

They can choose to move on without me

I’m standing my ground

The next time around

I’m supporting myself for a change

I’ll never abandon me again

I accept everything about me

The good and the bad

It’s all important 

It makes me 


Without my colors

I am drab

I’m not sorry to say

The person you knew before no longer exists

You’re rejecting the idea that’s already gone

I’m a new person now

One who knows what she needs

And I’m gonna be sticking around

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