I am an immigrant 

I’m a million miles from home

I came to visit your country

To see what I can see

I taste your food 

And bring you mine

We compare the sights and smells

I learn from you

You learn from me

The more we share the more we see

Borders are for the money hungry

The ones who want control

The people inside, they don’t agree

They all want much the same thing

To live in peace and not to fear

For warmth and a happy home

For families and joy and robust health

For our culture to be welcome, not shamed

We all want these things

Keep talking and you see we also share

The struggle to make life better 

We suffer under oppressive rule

And time constraints and stress

Desperation is separation

I think unity is best

With unity none is abhorred 

All are welcome and included

We have so many gifts to share

When we love the differences

And accentuate the common ground 

We are all the same

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