War on Darkness

Black Swan

Black Flame

Hope and Justice is my name

I’ve lived through hell 

And now I’m back

I’m here for you when you attack

I’ll cheer you on your way to battle

I’ve been there

I know those shadows

I faced the demons and I survived

I tell you how to stay alive

You stare them down

You don’t back off

They fear your sight

They will spit and scoff

They’ll tell you what you know are lies

They’ll tell you to believe your eyes

You face them on 

Those scary things 

They are dark black shadows hiding sins

Sins that enslave and cause such pain

It’s mind control 

Only the controllers gain

So don’t be scared when the curtain’s pulled back

Don’t be afraid when the shadows attack

I’m here to tell you to be brave

I’ve faced those shadows

And they are afraid

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