Let go and let God 

How’s that working out for you

Giving your power to someone else

Letting others decide for you

Expecting others to change your life for you 

Make it better somehow

Do you not see that you are shirking responsibility 

You are being lazy 

Whether you give your power to 

A leader

A savior

A God

Or someone who makes himself one

You are giving away control

To someone who doesn’t care about you

Only YOU have your best interests at heart

Or do you think this time will be different? 

When will you wake up? 

Do you prefer to sleep through your life

Trading one addiction for another

So you don’t have to face the truth

You make this life

You make it good

Or you make it bad

Everything that happens to you 

Is because you allow it

It’s your responsibility 

It’s your choice 

Not anyone else’s 

Not your neighbor’s

Not the officials

Not your boss

Not your mom

Not God 

So let go of letting God dictate your life

And let your powerful creative self wake up

And start making a difference

Instead of a mess

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