The Fool

Knock, knock

Who’s there

It’s me


Scared shitless

Afraid to die

I’ve found a savior who says he’ll save me

If I come try to save you, too

All you have to do is believe

Believe and you will be saved

You’ll still have to suffer

And you’ll be confused, disconnected and unfulfilled 

But when the world goes crazy and it comes to the end

You’ll be saved

I’m pretty sure

I’m more scared than sure so I’m here at your door

Begging you to join me

I don’t want to be the only one making this sacrifice

Giving up my free will to an invisible dictator who needs money and slaves

Doesn’t seem that powerful, actually

I don’t know what hell is

I’m pretty sure it’s a place of torment and confusion and inability to escape

Matter of fact

This world feels kinda like I imagine hell must be



Slavery and service

Maybe it is

Maybe this is hell 

Believing that the invisible, wrathful parent upstairs threatening me

Isn’t really that threatening at all


Just maybe

By decision 

I can save my self 

Maybe the power isn’t outside of me

I’m a fool for giving my power away

I’m The Fool for taking it back

The answers were within me all the time


  1. Poetpas
    November 10, 2016

    Dear Lord 😉

    1. Christie Black Swan💙
      November 10, 2016

      Oh there’s more where that came from! 😏 I’m just getting started 😍

      1. Poetpas
        November 10, 2016



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