Trump Card

Thoughts create

Thoughts, born into form

Become reality

Some call them demons

They are soulless thoughts

Created by humans

And reinforced

If support for them is withdrawn

They will eventually die

This world has been created by thought forms

Created and reinforced by the elite group of leaders who control this reality

The thoughts we reinforce are not our own

We are slaves to them until we disagree with them

You are being given the grandest opportunity 

The opportunity of a lifetime

To change the thoughts that shape our existence

And create a new one with new thoughts

The slate is clean

The canvas blank

Now is the time to create a new world

One of love and unity and peace and harmony

Thank you Donald Trump

Your name is no mystery

Surprise! You asked for change! 

You got a trump card

Change trumps tradition

Thank you for breaking the long chain of rulership of the cabal and showing people they can make a difference

Their voices matter

People of earth, it’s time to fly

Fly or fry

Which will it be?

Let’s see those changes start happening now!

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