All emotions matter

All emotions are important 

Every emotion has a message

Every feeling is authentic 

It is inappropriate to tell another person how to feel and how to respond to emotions

Unless you have felt what I have felt

Don’t tell me to lighten up and smile

I lightened up and smiled my whole life

I smiled while I was raped, abused and mistreated

Because no one wants to see the kind of response that naturally comes with that

They want to suppress it so it can continue 

It’s uncomfortable to see and hear what feelings come out after trauma

I’ve been forced to hide

Of course you want me to smile and lighten up

You have no idea what I’ve been through

How dark it has been for me

Becoming bright

Shines a light

On the darkness I’ve been hiding

I’m no longer afraid to shine that light

Upon what you call negativity 

It was admitting there was negativity 

That led me out of the negative place

So sorry you can’t smile at pain

You’d rather see a fake smile 

Than a real one

Maybe you should look within

At why you’re uncomfortable with my darkness

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