You're not bipolar 

I don’t even have to read your words.  

I know the feeling just by looking at you.  

You’re not sick.  

You’re suppressed .  

You’re not diseased.  

You’re human.  

You’re in pain, you are suffering.

You have human feelings and no one is listening to you.  Especially the people you need to hear you the most


They suppress you

They medicate you

They call you crazy and tell you to do

Anything but tell the truth

So you’re angry


You feel powerless



You don’t trust yourself

You can’t see the reason

You sometimes lose control

So you look to them

And they call you disordered

They say something’s wrong with your brain

And you agree 

Because it feels like they’re right

But they’re not

I assure you

You have come so far in the darkness that you can’t even remember when it started.  Not really. You don’t want to see it, but you kinda know

And that’s why you feel powerless 

You know what you have to do

But you’re insecure

And unsure

The answers you seek are in there

In the dark

The dark place you always go to die

At least, that’s why you think you go there

That dark place only we understand

Those of us who have spent any time there

There is reason we keep going back

There is a reason we keep returning to the dark place

No matter how good the meds seem to be working

The answers are there

The answers we are looking for are in that dark place

Our soul knows it 

We just keep running from it

Next time take a flashlight

just sit there

Listen to the sounds of the darkness

What is it telling you

Don’t be afraid

It’s just the dark 

It’s the shadow you’ve buried because it’s hard to accept 

Once you see it, once it comes into your awareness, then you can choose to make it brighter

But you can only do it from the dark place

You can only shine light on what’s in there when you’re not afraid to go there

You’re not bipolar

I think you’re brave as hell

I believe in you

Because they tried to make me believe I was bipolar, too

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