Decision '16

There’s a different way to do things 

I can show you how

If you’re willing to think out of the box

It’s starts with something like this

Forget about what you think you know

Forget what you have been taught

Turn around and start asking why

Don’t stop until you find out

Ask questions until you feel satisfied

Or until you figure out

You’re the only one who actually can make a difference

Because it’s starts with your own life

How do you respond when the world around you goes mad

Will you join them 

Or hold a place for peace

Will you love and heal

Or fight and rage?

Rage comes from those who feel powerless

When you’re powerless you hold rage

It takes anger to get out of rage

To direct it toward what’s causing you pain

The pain is within the powerlessness

The structures that keep you in place

Keep you slaving for the system

Doing things you don’t really want to be doing

What happens if you stop? 

What happens if you unplug and start doing what brings you joy

Do what brings you excitement

What happens if you stop being 


And enjoy life like a kid

Not just for a day

But making it a lifestyle

Doing something different

Means doing things that are not the same

It looks different for everyone

That’s the point of the human experience 

No one person has the same



There’s a way to do things differently 

But you have to lose control 

And let go of the old way

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