Just ask

You don’t have to type my name into truth finder to find out more about me

Just ask

You don’t have to spy on me to get a naked picture

Just ask

Have I ever been arrested and involved in scandal


Do I care if anyone knows the truth about me? 

Yes of course

You don’t have to sneak around to get information

Unless you’re just shady like that

Just ask

What’s everyone so afraid of? 

Where’s all the shame coming from? 

Who cares about what I do or what my story is? Look at the world we live in today! It’s this way BECAUSE we lie to each other to control each other and oppress one another by the day 

Don’t be so insecure

Get a life 

Make a difference

Go do what it is you’re scared to do

And stop judging the people who are living just because you aren’t 

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