Insane vs Psychic

Being psychic

But not knowing it

Or at least

Denying it because the bible says it’s evil

Makes you doubt yourself and your own mind

It feels like sitting in a chair in the library

And sensing and being aware of the goings on in the dance club next door

Or sitting face to face with someone who is smiling at you

And underneath you can hear their thoughts and feelings of disgust and judgement

If you’re gifted and you don’t know it

Or you have been told there’s no such thing or it’s evil 

It can make you think you’re crazy

And if you believe you’re crazy

And that God thinks you’re evil 

And you can’t control what you feel

That power that you carry inside you

Turns against you and can destroy you

It’s better to let it out and embrace  it

Than to try and deny it

Or let them objectify it

And label you as crazy

Medicate and sedate you

Eventually you will be crazy

Fucking out of your mind looney toons

Unless you start understanding what you’re feeling

And using it to help yourself

There is no such thing as mental illness

Not in the way you think, anyway

The wrong people are being labeled as crazy

They’re the gifted ones with a message of healing

It’s about time we listened 

Don’t you think?

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