Good Anger, Bad Anger

Good anger fuels changes

Bad anger destroys lives

Good anger enforces personal boundaries

Bad anger doesn’t know what boundaries are

Good anger powers

Bad anger renders powerlessness 

Good anger liberates

Bad anger enslaves

Good anger encourages autonomy 

Bad anger wants to control

Anger is a tool that has been used to keep people captive to fear

Fear is an illusion of powerlessness

Anger at the violation takes that power back

The lie we have been fed is

That we shouldn’t be angry about the way things are

That there’s such thing as good anger or bad anger

Because it’s just not ok to get angry

It’s just the way things are

Deal with it

Don’t feel

Don’t get angry or … 


Don’t get angry or the people with the power will take away your rights. 

Guess what? They can’t do that

They can’t take away anything from you because their power is an illusion

You give them their power by submitting to it then you get angry about being a subject.

So stop

Don’t be a subject if you don’t want to be a subject

No one is forcing us to, we are volunteering to comply with this system! 

Choose to rebel! 

Choose to make the world the way you want it! 

Are you angry about the brutality among the inhabitants of this planet? Do you have a hard time conforming? Does it make you angry? 


Use your voice to make a difference

Either get angry and join the destructive side

Or get angry and join the creative side

Either way, it’s good to get angry and let it be a force for change

Rather than hold it in and let it corrode your soul

There is no in between 


Is a decision

Now’s the time to harness the power

Get angry

And do something about it for chrissake

This is it

The time is now

Let’s rock this boat

Let’s light this fire

Let’s raise our voices 

Let’s get angry


  1. Poetpas
    November 7, 2016

    Amen to that 🙏

    1. Christie Black Swan💙
      November 9, 2016

      Thank you !


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