The Truman Show Live

We are living in a cultivated reality

A living, breathing Petrie dish

The Internet is designed to pull us in and monitor every aspect of our lives 

Some people are very excited about it 

They are here to participate in a society like this

People play the game of keeping track of one another

Racing toward a type of society where everything is photographed all the time

The Show Called Earth

Who is watching us? 

Who are the watchers? 

Angels? Aliens? A police force for God?

For other Beings?

You are challenged to expand your perceptions 

So that others will do the same

There is a reason for all the gathering of information

We are on the verge of flying

Or frying

Truman got outside 

He pierced the veil

He pushed for love

He followed the clues and found out what they didn’t want him to know

He found the escape

And walked away

And found out that the world is a great big possibility 

Be like Truman 

Challenge the perspective 

Challenge the institution 

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