The Illusion of Collapse

One year ago Alanis was crooning me through hard times.. 

I like these Facebook memories

I want to be reminded of the last year in particular

The year I found my voice

Received my freedom of speech

Acknowledging how I really feel

About my life and who I’m spending it with

I’ve come so far from where I was

And still I am creating my reality

It’s not over yet

I’m still manifesting and

I’m often asking myself how to get through this 

I’m always answered by the same familiar voice

Look ahead

Not behind

Find your self 

The higher part of yourself

The spiritual part that knows

Find the part of yourself that remembers your child inside

The one who 

Before her mind was convinced otherwise

Knew it would be ok

Knew this process would end in a peaceful paradise of unity and love

Knew it would be hard but it’s part of the process

Remember the child who knows how to play games

And knows it’s just a game

And no one ever loses 

We just continually start over

Find that spiritual part of yourself

Before the shit storm hits

Before the truth about the psychopaths who run this system is revealed in the most horrific ways

Find your spirituality

Focus on making a positive future for yourself and those you love

Forgive the past

Understand the journey

Find your soul

That is how you will get through 

The illusion of collapse

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