Believe It …. Or Not

I respect the believers

I respect the non believers

I respect the fact that we all have a choice to believe it or not

Believe it or not religion is a tool to control your mind and behavior

You don’t have to believe it

You are free to submit to a power greater than yourself 

You are free to pin your decision on the rituals and blood sacrifices of creatures that breathe the same prana

You are free also to not believe that there is any other life in the entire multiverse except on this tiny, primitive, 3 dimensional planet

You are free to suffer as long as you want to believing that death is the end of life and that energy is continuous in every other form of life except humans because they fucked up in the garden of Eden and are being punished

Or whatever your specific leader is repeatedly feeding you in the form of religious “freedom”

I respect that 

I don’t respect the leaders that know better and are parasites 

Feeding on your fear and devotion to their lies

I don’t respect the destruction and separation their need to control people causes

I want to see them fall

I want to liberate the believers and unbelievers alike

But they’re too afraid

Too afraid to unbeleive in their captors

It’s Munchhausen syndrome

To the third degree

Beliefs are a perspective

Change your perspective 

Change your beliefs

The truth shall set you free 


  1. Poetpas
    November 3, 2016

    Nice to hear that side of things. Very suitable title 😉

    1. Christie Black Swan💙
      November 9, 2016

      Thank you I appreciate your openness!


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