Town Crier

Thank you for reading the things that I write Thank you for hearing my voice The things that I say are hard to swallow sometimes  I know  I’ve swallowed them whole I’ve tried to keep them down  For years and years and years But now I cannot hold them in anymore  I vomit them out

Revelation is Coming

In this time of the end It’s time to ascend To raise up our vibration for a higher perspective Armageddon is here  But it’s not what you think It’s the destruction of those who have forced us to fear it They hoped it might go another way Those elite that raise themselves up above others


I owe you nothing You owe me nothing We are even Steven There are no mistakes No debts to be paid What’s done is done Let’s just leave it From a higher perspective  We agreed to do this We agreed beforehand to create this experience  We would both be to blame if blame was to

Healing Looks Like…

Healing looks like… Not being afraid to leave the house and  Not being afraid that someone wants to hurt me Healing looks like Not being afraid my legs will give up and  Not being afraid I’m doing something wrong  Healing looks like Being ok if someone is having a bad day and Not being afraid

Letting Go

I’m standing here all alone Looking back on the past 12 months  Looking around to see who is still here No response to my texts or messages It still feels lonely in the world Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel like I belong If I will ever feel loved or fit into your life 


The fear of magic can be traced to religion. People were accused of doing the very things that the elite and religious leaders themselves were doing. Blood and sexual ritual abuse, human baby mutilation and sacrifice and other horrible things, practiced by priests and government officials to invoke the energy of control by fear and


Everyone has guides Guiding hands for you  Strength, protection and guidance Mindfulness enables one To learn discernment  From the thoughts of others And your own Inner thoughts  Outer thoughts Personal energy patterns Thought perception based on discernment So much chaos bombards us every day All the time Chaotic thought patterns that have persisted for thousands


How do you integrate your fear There are many ways Contemplating your self Rather than running away From what the fears tell you There is no concrete evidence  Of one way or another It’s all a matter of choice  Perspective  To believe what you’ve been taught  Fears passed down from fearful people And adopted Disowned


Everyone has them Those thoughts that make you feel bad  Those voices that tell you to fear Evil vs Good Goosebumps on your arms Tingles on your scalp Shivers that run down your spine Make your hair stand on end Thoughts and nothing more Resonation of truth Trying to get through Demons are thoughts of

To Be or Not …

It’s not a matter of wanting to be As much as it is a process Of just remembering And I’m beginning to remember it all The more of life I see