I ❤️ USA

Standing on top of the hill, overlooking San Francisco, I was thinking about my journey. I have learned in my travels, that I am at home wherever I am. I am needless. Everything I need is within my possession. I lack nothing. I am one with the people who share my environment. All sentient beings are my neighbors. My eyes are the window to my soul.

People are naturally curious. In general, people want to know about one another. They want to know what languages you speak, they want to know where you’re from. Naturally people seek connection. Whether it is consciously or subconsciously.
I have lived so many places in the United States, it is difficult for me to state that I am “from” a particular place without a long explanation. I feel so familiar with a multitude of states. I have created a network of family among friends all across the country. I claim home to the entire nation. I love this beautiful land, and it will always be my home.

As I move about among people in another country, I keep my voice silent, my smile pure, and my eyes and heart open. If I don’t say anything, no one knows for certain that I’m American. I blend in,  I could be from anywhere. Not everyone shares the fondness I have for my home country. There are varied opinions about our Divided States of America. It seems like the only thing uniting the people these days, is being in the State of Confusion.

There is an illusion of separation many of us are participating in. I’m hoping people soon realize that these differences only exist as long as we reinforce them and elect leaders that instigate the division of us to sustain their power. We are the ones who have the power to choose to support them or not.  There is a much, much bigger picture, here.  I’m hopeful that this nation will rise to the occasion. We have been screaming for change for a long time, calling for an overhaul of the system and we’ve put our trust in men and their money. Now we all have the opportunity to experience what that looks like. This is what we have asked for. These choices before us are the results of what we as a society have asked for over the course of history in this country. I wonder if, by the time the circus comes to a climax in November, if we will be so frightened by the reality of what’s happening, we will surrender to the peaceful assistance and guidance from someone more intelligent, more heavenly. Although it’s not likely we will welcome different beings if we are unable to appreciate the variety of our own species. We may need to learn to play nice before we get invited to the parties on other planets.  

 It’s interesting to think about as I wave goodbye on my flight across the sea

Sending love and peace to all my loved ones in the US of A

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