Feeling into Me

Today is my last day

in the USA

I woke up feeling

Sort of anxious 

Sort of sad

I hate to leave 

Feel bad 

Not really, but kinda 

Want to leave with those reminders

I’m moving forward to go

Open the way for them to follow

I’m happy to have spent the last 

4 weeks where time slowly passed

Healing process underway

Thought forms no longer resonate

I’m making life brand new for me

Holding space with dignity

Anger helped me get away 

From things I never knew how to say

No to in a loving way

Unwavering in my will to be 

True to my self and all that’s me

All that represents Christie

My name has been

So graciously 

Indemnified most generously 

Reimbursed for past abuse

Repaid for neglect and abandoning 

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude 

With love and forgiveness and compassion, too

I’m not afraid of anything 

There’s nothing to be feared

After everything that I’ve been through

All the prayers and tears and rants, it’s true

I’ve begged for healing of the earth for 30 years and more

How can one pray for ones own health and not extend it all the way?

Healing depends on me deciding 

To support or disagree 

With everything and how it’s done

The change began with me

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