One day back in the USofA 

Before I took my trip in May

I was getting rid of lots of things 

And needing cheap alternatives

So I was walking through the army

Of salvation on a Wednesday 

20% off Wednesday 

And I came across a gumball machine

Metal antique on a stand

Candy apple red and classic black

A coin machine just like old days 

Real and working and everything

I took note that it was only $12 bucks

It was not on my agenda

Later, after I returned

From Europe two months later

I was getting rid of everything then

Selling all of value

One day I dropped off stuff

At the classy consignment shop downtown

I saw the same gumball machine

For sale at $80

Someone thought so cleverly 

buy it cheap and make a buck

If I wasn’t busy leaving maybe I’d done the same thing

But it made me stop and think

It is not lost on me 

The place where stuff I accumulated 

Used to be

I tried to fill the void inside

I tried to fill the holes

I tried to make it a model home

All decorated and warm

I tried to make it a model family

Tried to create something from nothing

Making something where nothing ever was

All the material things in the world

Could never take the place of love

I’m left now with no possessions to my name

I don’t own a key to anything

The most valuable thing I’ve ever had 

Is my self esteem and confidence 

I paid the highest price for that 

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