I was told that the love I was looking for 

Doesn’t exist

The unconditional kind

The love that accepts you and appreciates you and makes your toes curl with delight

I was told love like that doesn’t exist

Like a unicorn

It’s a myth

I was told that love like that

Is too much to ask for

It’s too much to listen to me

Impossible to understand me

Too burdensome to love me

I’m complicated 


I refused to accept it

And because I believed 

In unconditional love

I kept searching for it

Like a treasure

I believed it was out there

I wasn’t going to stop until I found it

And the closer I got to it

The more I was willing to do to make it mine

Whatever it takes

I’m willing to do

Because you don’t find a magic mindreading miraculous unicorn every day 

And if you let it go, you just might spend the rest of your life asking for it to come again

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