Never said, I read

You never said it

But I read it

It was written all over you

All over your aura

All over your face and in your eyes it floated

I read the energy in which your words were encapsuled

I wrote it down right then

It said to me…

You are inadequate 

You are sick

You are helpless and in need of care and direction

You are lost

You are nothing without me – incapable 

You don’t know anything therefore you need me to think for you

I am useful when I am taking care of you

I need you to be my problem in order for me to have self worth and value.

I feel angry when you show that you don’t need me

I feel threatened

I make myself more than you so you will see and believe that I am necessary

I create fear so I can appear to resolve it competently

My survival depends on you believing you cannot live without me

I will not let you live without me

It also said, if I didn’t go,

You will be the death of me

And so after the choice was presented

I left 

I gained FREEDOM

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