Love approached me gently when I wasn’t expecting it

It sang me a lullaby until I fell into a heavenly peace from which I never wish to be disturbed 

I had thought it would hit me like lightning when I finally found love. I expected fireworks and fanfare and drama and a sweeping off my feet. That is the kind of energy I was accustomed to. Forceful and intense. 

True love is gentle and soft. True love is tender and kind. True love compassionate and it is not painful at all. It just sort of takes you into its arms and comforts you and before you know it you are floating with your feet off the ground. True love is cooperation and partnership. A soft approach and patience. It’s never doing anything to hurt the other person. It’s using kind words and caring for feelings.  True love is like living in reality and dreaming at the same time. Like drugs without the side effects and twice the addiction.  It feels safe and warm, like a heavy down blanket. Warm and cozy but not suffocating. True love is richer and fuller and deeper and more expansive and soulfully intimate than I ever imagined

Some people might not believe that it exists… But if you really want it, true soul love is available to you. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t even have the desire for it.
Now that I have given and received the divine gift of love, I am so grateful that I didn’t give up on it


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