Black Swan Sibyl

The black swan thing

Represents who I am

The black swan thing

Stands for who I’ve always been

And who I have become

It means embracing my core self

The person I must be

There was a time when 

I tried to be

Everything to please everyone else 

I didn’t know what would please me

Everyone else’s opinion mattered but mine

I tried to conform

To deny and ignore

Myself until I became a shell

I became angry and withdrawn 

And resentful and sarcastic

Until one day I’d had enough

I said no to things I don’t agree with

And I began to find my voice

I found my freedom of speech and expression 

As soon as I gave myself permission to be myself

As soon as I overcame the fear

As soon as I let my freak flag fly


I’m wierd

I hear voices 

I see things

I also feel, smell, taste and just plain know things

That are beyond what’s considered normal


And as soon as I admitted that

As soon as I embraced it

The gifts I’ve suppressed 



As soon as I accepted 

That being clear is normal

Being clear is a gift

Not a curse, then

A world of potential and possibilities 

Opened up to me

And I’ve had more fun 

And more freedom

Than I ever imagined possible 

Since I spread my wings 

And embraced the black swan

Within me

scars fade

memories heal

It took a lot to cover the cross

This swan has been through hell

She went through this to become who she is

Her imperfections her own

A unique design 

Impossible to duplicate 

Or replicate

This powerful Black Swan

Whose spirit is

Tattooed on my soul

Tattooed on my skin and my mind

The scars have begun to heal

The infection 

The indisposition

effectively treated


What remains is a scar

A tactual reminder 

of where I have been

Who I have been

What I’ve done

All of this has made me what I am

I wear these scars with honor 

With gratitude 

I am the black swan 

The black swan is me

The black swan thing has awakened 

From being dormant 

Suppressed inside of me

Im here and I’m rolling out 

The Black Swan 


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