Shawshank Redemption 

Emotional prison

Not sure how I got here

A mix of insecurity and 

Fear put me here

Tried to make the most of it

To create something positive 

Since it seemed impossible to escape

Until I realized the injustice

The disconnection keeping me inside

My own cell

The excuses keeping me safe

The pain became intolerable

I started looking for a way out

Chipping away at the walls 

The familiar blocks all stacked up

One on top of the other

Breaking them down

One at a time

Until a tunnel was dug

The right moment came

To disappear in the night

Through a river of shit

Fear and lack and shame and guilt

The truth

Covered by excuses

The only way out 

Is through

Through the muck and mire

that kept me a prisoner

Kept me safe

Locked inside my mind

The only way out 

Is through

Untangling the false beliefs

Jumping out of the tunnel 

Into the river

Clean and clear

A fresh start

Leaving the country 

Leaving the past

Starting over 

Like it never happened 

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