Radical Acceptance

Today I appreciate 

The fact that I can’t change

Anyone else or how they feel

Nor do I want to

I don’t want responsibility 

For control over anyone else 

Only myself

Mine is the only life I can change

I can only influence others by being my own individual 

I am grateful for the experience I have gained

By trying to do things that please everyone else

Because in this I’ve learned 

Pleasing everyone isn’t possible

And it’s not a productive use of my energy to continue trying

It’s better for me to be filled with love 

From within myself

Then I can extend it

 To everyone else

Accepting their view 


Adhering to my own

I believe

By being true to oneself  

Each of us claims our own way in life

And if our ways of life no longer harmonize

It’s ok to move on

It’s ok to let go

It’s the kind thing to do

To let go of fighting

Of trying to conform

Into someone you will never be

Instead of who you truly are

Each one of us gives

Permission to others 

By giving permission to ourselves 

By accepting all that is 

And loving it all 

Starting with our self


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