Healing through feeling

Feeling the contrast between 

Love and hate

Support and sabotage 

Freedom and fear

Joy and pain

I’ve spent a lifetime looking

For connection, empathy and love

Believing I’d make it from scratch

Believing the one I had chosen could live up to the image of the perfect partner

I manipulated and twisted but it just never fit

Once I was unhappy enough to decide I deserved better

Once I began to envision a world where love and joy was the foundation 

Where the trust and respect was placed first and foremost

I believed it was possible to love unconditionally

When I began to give that to myself

I recognized it when it was being given

Uncomfortable at first

But now that I’ve tasted it

The tenderness, kindness and love that comes with appreciation and compassion, 

I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without it and

I’m willing to do anything it takes to make sure I keep it 

Nurturing it

Watering it

Caring for it like a new baby plant

Drawing on past experience 

To create a completely new and contrasting future

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