Higher Perspective 

Instead of asking why is this happening to me Ask What am I learning about me The biggest why is  something is here for you to learn  It’s happening for you Not to you Liberate yourself from the victim mentality  Become a student Update your programming Stumbling isn’t about getting back up It’s about finding


One day back in the USofA  Before I took my trip in May I was getting rid of lots of things  And needing cheap alternatives So I was walking through the army Of salvation on a Wednesday  20% off Wednesday  And I came across a gumball machine Metal antique on a stand Candy apple red

Feeling into Me

Today is my last day in the USA I woke up feeling Sort of anxious  Sort of sad I hate to leave  Feel bad  Not really, but kinda  Want to leave with those reminders I’m moving forward to go Open the way for them to follow I’m happy to have spent the last  4 weeks

I ❤️ USA

Standing on top of the hill, overlooking San Francisco, I was thinking about my journey. I have learned in my travels, that I am at home wherever I am. I am needless. Everything I need is within my possession. I lack nothing. I am one with the people who share my environment. All sentient beings

I Got Out Alive

Goodbyes Unedited The last note I wrote The only note of many Lost and never read I’ll never be at this place again See, I never could just quit There was always just enough love left Enough love to sustain The beliefs I had created about those to whom I’d dedicated My life and all

Just keep swimming…

This is hard I want to whine and hide under the covers Making an effort takes energy I don’t wanna do it But I do it anyway I push myself in spite of myself I know if I don’t give up  I will go on and so will everyone else  Quitting isn’t an option It


In my imagination I wonder if the story of Eden is true If it was, I wonder what was going on through  The mind of Eve Was she like a curious child On whom a cruel joke was told  Was her curiosity so  Insatiable  That she couldn’t resist? Knock knock! Whose there? Knowledge Knowledge who? 


It is only fair to let you know that privacy Is also a false belief Nothing Not even your thoughts and feelings Are hidden  They can be read As easily as any  Language  Everything you feel Your truth Is as Clear As Day All one has to do.. Is channel  You In Just FYI  So


I was reminded of just how much fear I actually have felt in the past 30 days Fear prevented me from taking action Fear prevented me from seeing truth Fear kept me locked in a cell A shell Keeping me safe Or so I thought I was paralyzed  But when my fear became pain A

Rolling Stone

I was born in Florida A few family members still live there My dad specifically  When I was a toddler, my parents hit the road in a VW bus It was orange  We went up the east coast Then headed west We settled in Buena Vista Colorado Then she left us  And he took me