Rage Part I


Rage that paralyzes me from the center of my self


The only thing moving are the tears leaking out of my eyes


The way that words stab me

The way thought reverberates through my body


This rage

Silent rage I’ve carried

Since birth probably

Rage because I felt powerless

Out of control

I turned it inward and stored it inside my cells like acid

Rage at the circumstances

Rage that it is what it is

and I don’t like what is


This heavy, dense, wet and putrid feeling

It feels like

Holding my breath

Just holding it

It seems so frightening

So overpowering

The only thing I can do

is let it go

Let it go and breathe

That’s it

That’s all I can do

I can’t run from it

I can only let it go

How absurd

It seems funny now

How ridiculous to hold my breath

It only hurts me

Better to accept what’s true

Than to fight against it

Letting it go

Like a mist




into the fog

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