Life goes on

Life goes on no matter what

Life is more powerful

Life is stronger than any other force

Life goes on 

It never dies

Life changes and transforms

Life never stops

You can cut down a paradise

And pave it into a parking lot

But if it isn’t maintained

Life will take it back

You can burn down a forest 

And life will eventually come back 

You can turn your life upside down 

Leave your job

Leave your marriage 

Leave your beliefs

Life will go on

Six months from now 

You can be doing something completely different 

There will still be news

There will still be conflict

There will still be hope

Life goes on

You can go bankrupt 

You can win the lottery

You can be afraid

Make a fool of yourself

You can hurt your self and/or 

Hurt the ones you love 

And life will go on

You can try something new

You can stand still

You can give up on life 

You can forgive yourself and everyone else 

You can keep complaining

You can stop trying to control

You can be content

You can move from here to there

And life will still go on

No matter what you decide to do

Life will still go on

No matter what happens to you

Life will still go on

You can stay stuck

Or you can move forward 

Either way

Life will go on

No matter where you are 

You are where you are supposed to be

Life goes on


(photo credit to Laura Pugh Bailey)


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