Mental Breakdown 

Thinking thoughts 

In the mind

Mental cassette tapes

Playing the same songs on repeat

The words so familiar 

A continuous loop

The music stopped a long time ago

I’m still playing it in my mind

I can hear it as if it’s playing there

Overhead somewhere

I could dance along mindlessly forever

Getting tired and hungry 

If I only listen to the tapes that play

Believing the show must go on

I’m waking up 

Asking questions

Landing on my feet


Stopped moving

Stopped dancing the daily dance





The tapes have stopped

Everything is quiet

I’m alone

I’m in my mind all by myself

No one is here but me

I’m safe

I’m loved

I’m grounded and supported

I’m looking around

There’s the tapes on the ground

Overplayed and out of date

I think I’ll rest here a while

Just enjoying the silence

Maybe have a sandwich and a nap

Bask in gratitude for the rest 

Gratitude that the show is over

The old dancer is retired 

Permanent vacation 

Permanent peace 

In the stillness of a quiet mind

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