Ode to North America

This land is your land 

This land is my land

From California 

To the New York islands 

From the Gulf Stream waters

To the redwood forest 

This land was made for you and me

Not sure if the words are in order

But I remember the tune

And as I hum it in my head 

Lying in this airbed

I remember how many times I’ve crossed this land

By air and by highway 

This beautiful continent

So varied and vast

From the west coast of Florida

Where the beaches are pure and white

To the Pacific Northwest where the trees are taller and older than the structures

From Portland to Portland 

And back again

This land is filled with beauty

Natural monuments of exploration

A testament to growth

The nature in North America is beauty not to be overlooked, but to be appreciated 

There is something to be said for giving thanks for your surroundings

For all the beauty right there where you are 

I have been flying across this beautiful land since I was 8 years old 

When kids could fly alone and it didn’t cost extra and they gave you wings and special treatment

I still feel the same excitement I did as a kid to look down at the landscape 

It’s such a thrill that I couldn’t imagine not being able to fly anywhere and everywhere at any time

I’ll never get bored seeing those Rocky Mountains or the Grand Tetons or the Grand Canyon with my own eyes

Or of the smell of pine and sagebrush 

For now, I couldn’t be happier to be sleeping in Northern California tonight

And for the next 6 weeks

I’m grateful for the beauty of this country I’ve called home my whole life

I’m looking forward to making a new home

Across the ocean

And to exploring new possibilities 

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